Liberated Society

Liberated Society

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As we march forward to the third millennium the task of building a humane society is a formidable one. Movements in search of a new world order such as qfull humanityq, quniversal brotherhoodq, qunified world societyq etc. are efforts towards a better humanity. A qliberated societyq is one of such visions that can enlighten the minds of many. It is striking that the two visions - the Hindu (Gandhian) and the Christian - under study are interwoven with the key points: the kingdom of God, non-violence, and human values. This investigation is comparative in nature. It is divided into three parts. Parts One and Two examine the Gandhian and Christian vision respectively. Part Three is comparative with points of convergence, divergence and meeting points. Liberated society through dialogue is the proposal of this study towards a unified world society.He was almost gripped by the irresistible attraction of a life of simplicity, austerity and manual labour. This new life ... That the life of labour, i.e., the life of the tiller of the soil and the craftsman, is the life worth living: MGA, p. 250. The first two ofanbsp;...

Title:Liberated Society
Author:John Moniz
Publisher:Gregorian Biblical BookShop - 1996-01-01


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