Letters to Aaron-The Hal Luebbert Story

Letters to Aaron-The Hal Luebbert Story

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First published as the author's primal scream, qLetters to Aaronq is an autobiographical and factual story of treachery - treachery typical of the United States. Nations, tribes, and people like Hungary, the Rhade, Montagnard, and Hmong (Meo), of Vietnam and Laos, to say nothing of most of the nations in Latin America, will recognize and know it well. Nearly countless individuals, including statesmen, soldiers, and covert operatives sacrificed on the altar of corrupt capitalism would, too - were they not dead as the result. Recruited at sixteen years of age by the CIA and trained in Iceland and Germany with the Tenth Special Forces Group, Hal Luebbert did missions in East Germany, Hungary, and a€œFinlanda€ (i.e., the Soviet Union) before being sent to Cuba with orders to kill Fidel Castro. Disillusioned by the obvious propagandist fabrications of his superiors once having reached the island nation, Hal rejected his orders, returning on his own to the U.S., and writing a warning letter to Castro. The rest, it is said, is history. Stymied finally in its efforts to punish the renegade, the U.S. played its a€œAce in the Holea€ the Internal Revenue Service. In 1978, the US government in its IRS avatar destroyed his business and family. In 1985, when he had recovered and remarried, they did it all again, this time driving a teenage son to three attempts at suicide. A war ensued, and when von Luebbert counterattacked federal murder attempts with electronic and personal surveillance proving massive governmental crime, a US District Court protected their federal employers by ruling his records exempted under the Freedom of Information Act by the national secrets exemption. US Senators and national media forwarded proof of federal crime like mayhem, murder, rape, and extortion to commit rape protected their masters by concealment of the evidence and personal silence. ' Remember, ' 2nd President John Adams said, 'democracy never lasts long. It soon wastes, exhausts, and murders itself. There never was a democracy yet that did not commit suicide.' Hal von Luebbert's war has proved the fact of the one certainty for survival exists in a rapidly decaying democracy. That is to qget somethingq - preferably a great deal - on people high in government. If there is a mitigating factor, it is only that in a government like ours, there is always much to find. Protected still by evidence of federal crime, together with the fact of large numbers of remaining witnesses available for subpoena, von Luebbert lives mostly in the wild in Texas and states where concealed handgun laws make it possible for him to defend himself with lethal force. He is also a sixth degree black belt and three time national judo champion. It helps when government reverts to its true character and methods.On a trip to see my son in Phoenixa€”the last time I will see hima€”my VW Rabbit blows a headgasket when the fan relay somehow disappears from the fuse panel and the temperature gauge indicator becomes somehow disconnected at theanbsp;...

Title:Letters to Aaron-The Hal Luebbert Story
Author:Hal von Luebbert
Publisher:Xlibris Corporation - 2006-03-07


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