Lethal Little Lies

Lethal Little Lies

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Times are tough in the newspaper business these days. In between staff cuts, furloughs and declining advertising dollars, Jubilant Falls Journal-Gazette editor Addison McIntyre hasna€™t got time to listen when candidate Rick Starrett claims his opponent Virginia Ferguson ran a dirty state senate campaign. Short on staff, time and patience, she cana€™t waste time on sore losersa€”then Virginia Ferguson is shot. As she dies, names Rick Starrett as the man who pulled the trigger. That gets Addisona€™s attention. To further complicate things, Kay Henning, the wife of reporter Marcus Henning, has come up missing and believed to be in danger. Did she leave of her own accord or was she kidnapped? Is there something that ties these two events together? Whoa€™s telling the truth? And who is telling what could be lethal little lies? This is the third in Debra Gaskilla€™s Jubilant Falls series.I was silent until we got outside of the JournalGazette, slipped in the Lexus and shut the doors. a€œYou never did go running, did you?a€ I asked. PJ gave me the house keys holding the Lexus key fob and shook his head. a€œNo. I couldna#39;t let you anbsp;...

Title:Lethal Little Lies
Author:Debra Gaskill
Publisher:D'Llama Publishing - 2015-02-11


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