Lessons For A Lifetime

Lessons For A Lifetime

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An amazing story of an adventurous young American who grew up in Cleveland, Ohio during the a€œGreat Depression, a€ and World War II. Times were tough for everyone. Jobs were scarce, food was very limited and the American Spirit had disappeared. So had John's father. Left alone was John, his mother and younger brother who struggled together to survive. They not only did so, but eventually were all successful in life. A happily ever after story? Yes, but the road to victory was amazingly different. What happened to John at various times, and in unexpected ways, over a long period of time was completely unbelievable. In this life story you will most likely encounter episodes which, although well explained will stretch your sense of reality. Don't worry; it had the same affect on the person to whom it happened. Even so you will find no gore, profanity or exaggeration in this book. You will, however see the world as John saw it and also have many good laughs. It is also certainly possible that a€œLessons for a Lifetimea€ might uplift the reader as it certainly did for the author!The three of us, Marcel, Bill, and I, entered at the first floor, climbed the ladder up through the second floor to the attic. After looking over the ... our own playing fields. We played baseball in spring and summer, football in the fall, and ice hockey in the winter. ... Before I graduated from John Marshall High School, I asked the 26.

Title:Lessons For A Lifetime
Author:John Canfield
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2012-05-31


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