Legal Consumer Tips and Secrets

Legal Consumer Tips and Secrets

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If you owe too much money, you can go to prison even though you have not committed a crime. You can also be kicked out of your home and face a myriad of other negative consequences. Even so, the largest religion in the United States continues to be a€œconsumerisma€a€”the deeply held belief that buying goods and services makes us better and happier. Attorney Charles Jerome Ware explores how you can keep spending, maintain your freedom, and stand up for yourself. He shares ways to prevent foreclosure, discourage identity theft and other forms of fraud, avoid debt settlement scams, and rebuild your credit. This insidera€™s guide reveals hundreds of facts to educate and inform the faithful American consumer. Dona€™t be bullied into living like a pauper when you can take reasonable steps to improve your financial position. Changing your life and avoiding pitfalls starts with learning Legal Consumer Tips and Secrets.The a€œCease and Desista€ Letter. Write the debt (bill) collector a a€œcease and desista€ letter requesting that the bill collector stop The FDCPA generally mandates that collection agencies stop their collection efforts (frequently called a€œdunninga€ efforts )anbsp;...

Title:Legal Consumer Tips and Secrets
Author:Charles Jerome Ware
Publisher:iUniverse - 2011-09-22


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