Learning from Islam

Learning from Islam

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qTrust is debating the Israel-Palestine conflict with a conservative Sunni barber holding a straight-razor to your throat.q - Kamal al-Kanady An immigrant white Christian businessman from Canada writes about his experiences in a majority Islamic country in the Middle East. He is a family man, a management consultant, and one of those scholarly types that reads history books for entertainment. He has been learning, not just Arabic and business, but learning from Islam about how he would like to live as a Christian. This book is a call to humility and inclusion in Christian-Muslim dialogue. There are more than a billion of each faith on the planet now, and the relationship between the world's two largest faiths is too important to be left to the minority of priests and imams to sort out. Regular everyday Muslims and Christians need to be building bridges, investing in understanding, and approaching each other with a humble orthodoxy. Perhaps we could start by simply inviting each other over for tea.... lot of Abdullaha#39;s house and park my now aging Toyota Land Cruiser at the end of a row of eight Porsches in various interior and exterior colour combinations. Personally, I prefer BMW. My friend Ahmad does too. He wanted to buy the X6 M, anbsp;...

Title:Learning from Islam
Author:Kamal Al-Kanady
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2012-05


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