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Put the focus of education back where it belongsa€”on learning! Do you feel bogged down by endless administrative tasks? Do you wish you could focus more on what truly mattersa€”learning? Learnership provides both insight and solutions for moving past distractions and becoming a learning leader. Cathy Toll illustrates how the practice of learnership can be implemented every day through activities, real-life stories, and narrative bibliography. This book offers: Practices to help teachers improve their effectiveness using problem-solving techniques More effective ways to approach data, testing, and accountability Strategies for supporting Professional Learning Teams (PLT) and educational coachesInvest in Teachers, Focus on Learning, and Put Test Scores in Perspective Cathy A. Toll ... Grade 8 House 1 Grade 8 House 2 Grade 8 House 3 Think like a scientist Access multiple sources for understanding a topic Argue ... learned in 1: 1 conferences Accurate answers to end-of-chapter questions Class discussion demonstrates deep understanding and ... science labs Support their claims during class discussion Use new vocabulary in conversation and writing Good unit test scoresanbsp;...

Author:Cathy A. Toll
Publisher:Corwin Press - 2012-05-18


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