Learn Xcode Tools for Mac OS X and iPhone Development

Learn Xcode Tools for Mac OS X and iPhone Development

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This book will give you a thorough grounding in the principal and supporting tools and technologies that make up the Xcode developer tools suite. Apple has provided a comprehensive collection of developer tools, and this is the first book to examine the complete Apple programming environment for both Mac OS X and iPhone. Comprehensive coverage of all the Xcode developer tools Additional coverage of useful third-party development tools Not just a survey of features, but a serious examination of the complete development process for Mac OS X and iPhone applications What youa€™ll learn The book is holistic, providing a comprehensive sweep across the available development tools. The book is structured, taking a logical and progressive journey from the basics to a firm understanding of the purposes, benefits, and limitations of each component of Xcodea€™s developer tools. The tone is friendly and accessiblea€”we wouldna€™t have it any other way. The book fills a nichea€”there is no other single book that focuses on this collection of developer tools. Who this book is for All Mac OS X and iPhone developers who want to develop applications more efficiently by taking advantage of all the tools Apple offers in its Xcode suite, as well as many indispensable third-party tools. Table of Contents Introducing Xcode Tools for Mac OS X and the iPhone Introducing the Xcode Workspace 9 Interface Builder Core iPhone Tools Frameworks in Xcode Model-View-Controller in Xcode Debugging Your Xcode Projects Xcode Documentation Developing an Application Source-Code Management with Subversion Unit Testing in Xcode Monitoring, Analysis, and Performance Tools Support Tools for the Busy Developer Usability and Accessibility Packaging and DistributionIan Piper. make any changes here, at least not initially (I have never modified any of these settings). ... software development and allows you to define how those file types are handled. For example, you can specify that image files in youranbsp;...

Title:Learn Xcode Tools for Mac OS X and iPhone Development
Author:Ian Piper
Publisher:Apress - 2010-01-05


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