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How did Gatorade revitalize itself in the wake of Red Bull and Starbucks? How did OpenTable come to be? What makes one company thrive while others languish in mediocrity? Therea€™s no doubt hard work is involved, but Soren Kaplan shows you cana€™t do it by simply creating a big vision and implementing a set plan. In his trailblazing debut, Kaplan gives business leaders the tools to do exactly what theya€™re taught to avoid: embrace surprisea€”the new key to business breakthroughs. Instead of fighting against uncertainty, Kaplan reveals how to use it to break down limiting mindsets and barriers to change the game. By highlighting specific ways to transform both good and bad surprises into unique opportunities, Kaplan encourages leaders to compete by embracing counterintuitive ideas, managing paradoxes, and even welcoming failure. This is the key to a€œleapfrogginga€a€”creating or doing something radically new or different that produces a significant leap forward. Leapfrogging connects new research, unconventional strategies, and practical tools for navigating the a€œmessya€ and elusive process of achieving business breakthroughs. Filled with real-world examples from innovators such as Gatorade, Intuit, Philips, Kimberly-Clark, Colgate-Palmolive, OpenTable, and Etsy, Kaplan shows that any organization or business function can leapfrog. Using his LEAPS process (Listen, Explore, Act, Persist, and Seize), leaders learn to seek out, recognize, and respond to surprising experiences and events as a way to create solutions that leap beyond the current expectations of customers, partners, employees, the market, and the competition. Kaplana€™s Leapfrogging is the new handbook for the modern leader.Reflect back on the first time you played the Nintendo Wii, drove a Toyota Prius, used Purell hand sanitizer, ... I also remember when I first signed up for Netflix and realized that I would never again have to schlep to the video store or pay a lateanbsp;...

Author:Soren Kaplan
Publisher:Berrett-Koehler Publishers - 2012-08-06


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