Leanings 2

Leanings 2

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Even the most die hard of motorcyclists can't ride--or work on--their bikes all the time. So in those moments away from that precious Triumph, Suzuki, or Harley, Cycle World columnist and writer Peter Egan comes to the rescue--taking all kinds of riders along with him on his journeys. Part self-effacing humor, part philosophy, part nostalgia, Egan's pieces remind us not only of all that matters in the motorcycle world, but in the world at large. In Leanings 2, more of his writing (four features and 95 columns) is collected into one volume, giving readers another taste of his best work. From a trip down the Mississippi to find the grave of blues artist Robert Johnson to rearranging his garage for optimal motorcycle ikebana, Peter Egan's stories hit home with all of us who define our good times with motorcycles. To get his view on how much your motorcycle habit really costs, which rock 'n' roll artists exemplify which bikes, the fine art of carrying motorcycle gear, and much more, crack open this book. It is for everyone who rides a motorcycle--and who has a soul.You make a Faustian pact when you buy one, trading anvil-like longevity, comfort , and low maintenance for lightness, beauty, and performance. You go out ... Hondas? Nearly all Hondas used to be real bikes, but now I would limit it to the Gold Wing and ST1100, with a half vote for the luggageless VFRs. ... take you somewhere every day and keep doing it for years, with the tune-up schedule of a Buick.

Title:Leanings 2
Author:Peter Egan
Publisher:MBI Publishing Company - 2010-01-11


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