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Energy and artificial intelligence revolutions have made life perfectly comfortable for all of the people of Earth. The New Horizon generational starship project is the last great forward thinking project of a world which is gradually succumbing to a deep existential malaise. The target is Haven, a planet one hundred and sixty years, and six generations of crew away. Launch is the story of those who join this mission, and who bet against the universe to establish a fully self-sustaining human presence on another world. Markus Bowland wins a spot on the historic mission, and he faces an impossible choice when he finds himself torn between obligations to his loved ones, and the opportunity to be part of something extraordinary. Learn more at www.newhorizonmission.coma€œIa#39;ll take a shuttle to manually shut the reactor down myself. Ia#39;ll physically sever the ... a€œBe damned if Ia#39;d trust a droid to do such an important job. Besides, that proton ... other three were looking at him with incredible dread. a€œMy friends... look.

Author:W. Ross White
Publisher:MBP Press - 2015-01-02


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