Last Journey of the Ark

Last Journey of the Ark

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WOW! Last Journey of the Ark is an incredible read. Mr. Gainer has done a spendid job of engaging the reader in an intriguing story line involving a fascinating subject...The Ark of the Covenant. You will enjoy this colorful journey. Great Job!! REVIEW By DL Moody- President of Arlington Baptist Your book is absolutely wonderful. I loved every minute of it! I laughed. I cried. I learned alot. Set up, climax and follow through of the storyline are all excellent. I would make an excellent screenplay as well (something to thing about in the future. REVIEW by Sarajoy Porter--Editor Now available at Journey of the Ark (288 pages), a compelling action-adventure with a hint of romance, inspired by contemporay events that tell how the Ark of the Covenant went back to Israel in modern times. The heroine is a determined woman reporter from New York City who stumbles into love while entangled in dangerous and complex Israeli security issues. Ultimately she witnesses the return of the Ark of the Covenant to Israel in 1991. So why didn't the world hear about these events? Indeed, bits and pieces of the real story have leaked out over the years. Perhaps you recall a whisper of an announcement on world news in May 1991 that the Israel Security Service--the Mossad--had quietly transported 14, 314 Ethiopian Jews back to Israel at the height of the Civil War in Ethiopia. Why would Israel believe that these modern Ethiopian Jews are truly descendants of the tribe of Dan? Why would Israel risk men and airplanes against a backdrop of civil war in Ethiopia to fly these Jews to Israel? Why would Israelis take 14, 000 poor people to their tiny country and pay millions of dollars to Ethiopia for that privilege? Why would the Israelis name the operation after the very King of Israel who first placed the Ark in the second temple? Read this book to find out.He climbed into the black Land Rover, and the supervisor drove him 2, 000 meters to a shed that covered the personnel elevator. a€œ\What have we ... a€œBring me an underground wiring diagram, a map, and a sheet of papera€”and hurry!a€ orderedanbsp;...

Title:Last Journey of the Ark
Author:J. J. Gainer
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2012-01


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