Laos, Caught In The Web

Laos, Caught In The Web

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The small nation of Laos, wedged between Thailand and Vietnam, is little known to most Westerners. When the author and her husband, a USAID worker, moved to Laos in 1971, it was a quiet country falling increasingly under the effects of a heavy but unacknowledged U.S. military presence as part of a failing effort in Vietnam. Befriended by two young Laotians, the author became a part of village life, joining holiday celebrations, weddings, funerals and feasts. Over a four year period, she developed a deep admiration and affection for the Lao people. The humor and pathos of these chaotic years before the Communist take-over of the government in 1975 are chronicled by following one Lao family from Communist controlled re-education camps to their eventual resettlement in the United States. a€œBeing born in Laos but raised in America from the tender age of 4, I have not had an opportunity to truly appreciate my own country. Judya€™s book opened my eyes, heart and mind to the beautiful people and culture of that life and world. Thanks Judy.a€ Lala Rivera, former refugee a€œFascinating for its portrayal of an unfamiliar, increasingly dangerous world (Laos, 1971-75), this memoir floods readers with admiration and sympathy for Lao culture.a€ Suzanne Kosanke, University of Hawaii at Manoa a€œAs interest revives in the era of what Americans call the Vietnam War, there is still little accessible information about that part of the world, including Vietnama€™s neighboring country, Laos. This book is a warm, human account of one persona€™s experiences in Laos.a€ Mary Ann Mattoon, PhD. Minneapolis.High school teachers were somebody and messing around with oily machines or engaging in strenuous manual labor jeopardized ... His question, delivered in a statement that sounded like a demand, was apparently going to reveal a request for money. ... You must give me seventy thousand kip for Sam Neua students.

Title:Laos, Caught In The Web
Author:Judy Rantala
Publisher:First Edition Design Pub. - 2014-12-21


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