Language Rights

Language Rights

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Speech is core to our humanity and fundamental to our capacity to assert political rights, and determine what is just and unjust. Rights therefore mean little if they do not relate to speech. But what are language rights? What language or speech is defended? How do language rights relate to each other? This book explores these questions and examines language rights politics in theoretical, historical and international context, bringing together debates from law, sociolinguistics, international politics, and the history of ideas. It includes a critical exploration of the following issues: Language rights as linguistic identity rights, International linguistic human rights in theory and practice, Language rights advocacy and global governance, Linguistic imperialism and global English debates, National language politics and global governance in Bosnia, The emerging field of ecolinguistics, Hate speech and counter-terrorism legislation. The author looks at how, why and where freedom of speech is endangered, and argues that international language rights advocacy supports the global governance of language and questions freedoms of speech and expression.Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) (2009) Hate Crime Report 2009. ... .uk/ publications/docs/CPS_hate_crime_report_2009.pdf. Accessed 19 January 2011 . C-SAP (2009) C-SAP Special Interest Group TeachingAbout Terrorism Residential. ... Crystal, David (1997) English as a Global Language. ... Dalacoura , Katerina (2012) a#39;The 2011 Uprisings in the Arab Middle East: Political Change and Geopoliticalanbsp;...

Title:Language Rights
Author:Vanessa Pupavac
Publisher:Palgrave Macmillan - 2012-10-30


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