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Full Length, Comedy / 2 m., 2 f. / Int. / Most people laugh at a funny joke, but Professor Evans sees humor as an intricate puzzle to be reduced to brilliant but dry mathematical equations. He is working on probability textbook and has invited the departmental secretary to his kitchen to help prepare the manuscript. She is overweight and romantic; he is gaunt and scientific. Neither has ever been on a date. What are the odds that they will fall in love? Add a pair of eccentrics Eddie's mother, a bingo player who wins with alarming consistency, and a family friend who happens to be a magician and the result is a delight. / qA most thoroughly enjoyable, delightful comedy.q Jewish Telegraph.Nowa€”what are the odds that he will eventually type, without a single error, the complete Volkswagen Repair Manual? Of course thisis another event thatis so unlikely that no sensible person could expect itto happen. Mathematicians call thisanbsp;...

Author:Douglas Anderson
Publisher:Samuel French, Inc. - 2012-01-01


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