Knocked Down But Not Destroyed

Knocked Down But Not Destroyed

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We've heard of the power of God, we've read about the power of God, and we'd all like to experience the power of God, but here's a man who lives wi\th it through the gifts of the Holy Spirit as a part of his daily life. Meet Gregg Griffiths. This qman's manq reached manhood capable of taking care of himself. As he proceeded through life, however, he noticed unexplainable incidences of care and rescue that he couldn't take credit for himself. Eventually, he became a believer in Almighty God and allowed Him to truly take over and empower his life. And what excitement was to follow! Travel with Griffiths as he takes you through his remarkable life's journey, detailing how God's gifts have worked in the life of an ordinary man. Due to the working of the gifts of the Holy Spirit among the astonishing, documented events, you'll read of: Amazing protection on the battlefields of Vietnam Incredible insight into crimes and criminals on the streets of the city Miraculous recoveries and healings from injuries Unexplainable foreknowledge in law enforcement situations And much more In Knocked Down But Not Destroyed, Griffiths gives us an account proving that being knocked down doesn't mean being knocked out when the gifts of the Spirit are in operation in the life of the believer.The only response I got was, a€œHelp is arriving, and Ia#39;ll get out of their way.a€ The door closed and the next thing I heard over the radio was my sergeant saying he was on the accident scene. ... deep cover for about one and a half years in this shop and had put out an a€œattempt to locatea€ bulletin on a Honda Accord. ... The medics could not detect a blood pressure on me, and they had to use a manual method.

Title:Knocked Down But Not Destroyed
Author:E Gregg Griffiths
Publisher:WinePress Publishing - 2010-05


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