Kiss Tomorrow Hello

Kiss Tomorrow Hello

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a€œHow could a€˜old agea€™ be a medical diagnosis when I wasna€™t even forty?a€ a€”Lolly Winston a€œa€b if aging is difficult for those of us who were only sometimes cute, a€ she says, a€œjust imagine how hard it must be for the aging knockouts, the living dolls.a€ a€”Rebecca McClanahan a€œI love sex. I love middle-age sex. I love married sex. I'm almost fifty and I've never felt sexier. But damn, it took a long time to get here.a€ a€”Ellen Sussman a€œAnd who is that woman who looks just like me in the mirror behind the bar? Could she be some evil twin, sitting in a place Ia€™d never go alone, acting like a hanger-on, a groupie?a€ a€”Lisa Norris a€œa€b even past sixty (perhaps especially past sixty), women like me feel impelled to stick to the myths we have invented for ourselves.a€ a€”Annick Smith a€œSlow down. Dona€™t be so frenetic. Contemplate on the insights you have gained. Listen to the silence within.a€ a€”Bharti Kirchner a€œThe young womana€™s body I live inside still, that unforgotten home, is a text. It is engraved with memory a€ba€ a€”Meredith Hall A collection of blazingly honest, smart, and often humorous essays on middle age contributed by well-known writers such as Julia Glass, Joyce Maynard, Lolly Winston, Antonya Nelson, Diana Abu-Jaber, Judy Blunt, Lauren Slater, and other voices of the baby boom generation. In the tradition of the bestselling A Bitch in the House, Kiss Tomorrow Hello brings together the experiences and reflections of women as they embark on a new stage of life. Many women in their forties, fifties, and sixties discover that they are racing uphill, trying desperately to keep their romantic and social lives afloat just as those things they believe constant start to shift: The body begins its inevitable decline, sometimes gracefully, sometimes less soa€b The twenty-five stellar writers gathered here explore a wide range of concerns, including keeping love (and sex) alive, discovering family secrets, negotiating the demands of illness and infertility, letting children go, making peace with parents, and contemplating plastic surgery. The tales are true, the confessions candid, and the humor infectiousa€”just what youa€™d expect from the women whose works represent the best writings of their generation. From Lynn Freeda€™s wry a€œHappy Birthday to Mea€ to Pam Houstona€™s hilarious a€œCoffee Dates with a Beefcakea€; from Ellen Sussman's qTearing Up the Sheetsq to Julia Glass's qI Have a Crush on Ted Geisel, q Kiss Tomorrow Hello is a wise, lyrical, and sexy look at the pleasures and perils of midlife.literature grants and a GAP grant by Seattlea#39;s Artist Trust, Kirchner also writes articles and essays for many national ... She teaches in the MFA program of creative writing at George Mason University. ... She is associate professor of English at Western Washington University and has received four Pushcart Prizes for her workanbsp;...

Title:Kiss Tomorrow Hello
Author:Kim Barnes, Claire Davis
Publisher:Doubleday - 2006-03-21


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