Kings of Brighton Beach Episode #2

Kings of Brighton Beach Episode #2

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Kings of Brighton Beach Series In Brighton Beach, the largest Russian immigrant community in America, criminals and spies live among hardworking immigrants. The mafia rules with an invisible hand that reaches from beyond the former Iron Curtain. Ruthless men vie to reign as kings over their profitable corners of Little Odessa, and no one can be trusted. Not even family. Part 1: Gangsters with Guns At fourteen Vlad escaped his violent father and the criminal soup of Brighton Beach. Now, twenty years later, he will reclaim his fathera€™s place in the Russian mafia if he can survive. Episode #2 Inna's rape and the murder last night at Troika stink to Vlad of a setup that could only be committed by an insider intent on starting a mafia war. Aleksei, Inna's brother and the owner of the nightclub where the crimes were committed, is a prime suspect, but he's not the only one with motive. Solving the mystery of who hurt Inna and why becomes a personal obsession for Vlad. His quest for justice for Inna could propel him to the top of the Russian mafia if he and Inna can avoid getting caught in the crossfire of competing mafia factions.He told himself he would make it all up to her tomorrow. A bouquet ... That usually did the trick. Careful ... He easily guessed Katya had gone on a rampage. ... He screwed open the top of the longnecked bottle and took a swig. ... She would never stay another second with a man who would use his own sister the way Aleksei had. ... He sat on the soft leather sofa and consoled himself with his favorite drink.

Title:Kings of Brighton Beach Episode #2
Author:D. B. Shuster
Publisher:Crime Bytes Media - 2014-05-19


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