Kindle Me

Kindle Me

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'Kindle ME!' is the ultimate book about Amazon's Kindle '. It is FOUR BOOKS under one cover . You go to the book you need, when you need it. But , if you are a fanatic and you want to know everything under the sun about your Kindle , you are welcome to read it all!Book ONE : is about the history of ebooks and ereaders . It is a journey into the past in which the vision of few individuals changed the way we impart and receive knowledge . It is a journey through the history of the ereader. Book TWO : is all about the basics . You have a Kindle and want to use it now. If you are an impatient individual and you want to start reading your first ebooks in a few minutes , this will show you how! But if you want to grasp all the basics of how to use every aspect of your Kindle , you will find the answers there too .Book THREE : it is free for all! Millions of free ebooks out there for you to read with your Kindle , and in this book , you will learn how to get them easily . Many ebooks on the market today have nothing else in them but the information you get from this book . This book is your complete guide on how to get to all the free ebooks available in the market today .Enjoy !Book FOUR : This is a real gem! The information in this book took a lot of research to find and collect from the ever expanding world wide web. This book contains some of the information no one has told you about; Like the hidden features of Amazon's Kindle, it will enrich your usage of your Kindle . It will make the Kindle more than a Kindle! It includes '10 things you need to know' , '10 features you don't know about' , '10 more ways to use your Kindle that no one told you about ' , 'how to do many things with your Kindle the easy way ' , and finally an important section about how to keep up to date with the latest information about Kindle - ' The best Kindle websites and blogs ' .' Kindle ME ! ' is four books in one book . It takes your hand and slowly introduces you to the unbelievable world of Kindle . It is a magical world because Kindle is a superb eReader - one of the best , if not THE best eReader on the market today. You can use your Kindle in more ways than just an eReader. It has many hidden features and ' Kindle ME !' will guide you through it.a#39;Kindle ME!a#39; is the ultimate book about Amazona#39;s Kindle a#39;. It is FOUR BOOKS under one cover . You go to the book you need, when you need it.

Title:Kindle Me
Author:Michael Haridy
Publisher:CreateSpace - 2012-01-19


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