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She was one of the Crystal Singers, the Aclite, mysterious ones, who cut the crystals from the planet Ballybran - precious glittering crystals without which the universe could not function. Sent to the planet of Optheria to repair the famous crystal organ, she was - at first - accorded all the honour and pomp due to her rank.Then her life became threatened and she found herself isolated at the very heart of the planet, knowing that she alone had the power to confront and destroy the evil that had permeated the world of Optheria.a#39;The Optherian manual? ... In the fourth place, your curriculum vitae indicates latent teaching abilitiessothat training replacement technicians on Optheria is well within your scope. ... Borella and Concera both have considerably more instructional experiencethan I.a#39; a#39;Borella, Concera, and Gobbain Tekla have not exhibitedanbsp;...

Author:Anne McCaffrey
Publisher:Random House - 2012-07-31


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