Kill Ratio

Kill Ratio

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The end of America is near. A plague that kills its victims and resurrects them as flesh-eating ghouls has decimated the American population, forcing what's left of the government to take shelter underground in the Mount Weather Emergency Operations Center in Virginia. On the West Coast, CIA black ops agent Chad Halverson and a ragtag band of survivors decide to head to Washington, DC, to find out if anyone is still in charge, even though Halverson knows that someone in the upper echelons of the government is trying to drone him. Halverson suspects the assassin is a high-level CIA employee. Whoever he is, he has tried to drone Halverson before and will try again. Of that much Halverson is sure. Halverson and fellow refugees Victoria Brady, Blackfoot Chogan, and Emma Lawson become trapped in Las Vegas by General Quantrill, a militia commandant who runs the strip with an iron hand and has a terrifying secret. Whether America survives or not, it will never be the same.He reversed, crushed the gas pedal, smoked his wheels, and rammed the front of the Honda. ... He crashed his rear bumper into the Honda, stopped, turned hard right, shifted into drive, and plowed forward, grazing the Chevya#39;s rear bumperanbsp;...

Title:Kill Ratio
Author:Bryan Cassiday
Publisher:Bryan Cassiday - 2013-07-08


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