Kickstart to College

Kickstart to College

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-- Helps students build the kind of academic and extracurricular record they need, starting in eighth grade -- and still have a life. -- Age appropriate text that's sensitive to the emotional, psychological, and intellectual needs of teens. -- Filled with checklists, quizzes, worksheets, time management tips and solid information for teens and their parents. Starting the countdown to college in middle school -- too soon or not early enough? The grades earned in some 8th grade classes -- foreign language, for instance -- appear on the final high school transcripts students submit to colleges. And whether school systems admit it or not, qtrackingq begins in 7th grade -- and a student's qtrackq determines whether he or she will be able to take the advanced courses in high school that college admissions officers look for. KickStart to College helps students build the kind of academic and extracurricular record they'll need, and still have a life. Good planning over the course of late middle school and high school ensures that the college admissions process doesn't consume the lives of teens or their parents -- the student is in control! The book helps students use athletics, music, drama, art, clubs, volunteering, and summer activities to experiment and grow, as well as to build a college application that will be a true indication of their special abilities -- keeping in mind that it's impossible to build a complete resume in the 18 months prior to high school graduation. It's reassuring and helpful to parents as well as students; college prep and the likelihood of being accepted to the college of one's choice has changed a lot since most parents went to college themselves -- andperfect preparation for households in which high-schoolers will be first-generation college students.Essays and short-answer questions give colleges critical information they cana#39;t get by looking at numbers or activity lists. ... Sarah Myers McCinty, author of The College Application Essay, studied the role essays play in the college admissionsanbsp;...

Title:Kickstart to College
Author:Marian Edelman Borden
Publisher: - 2002


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