Keeping the Faith When Things Get Tough

Keeping the Faith When Things Get Tough

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KEEP THE FAITH, CHANGE THE WORLD! When times are hard, it can be very tempting to hold on to the world and let go of the faith. The apostle Peter certainly knew what that was like when he denied Jesus three times, mere hours after pledging unshakeable faithfulness. But with the reality of the resurrection and the power of the Holy Spirit, he learned how to do just the opposite ~ to keep the faith and change the world! In his letter to Jesus believers scattered abroad, Peter reveals not only how to keep the faith in difficult circumstances but also how to change the world by the new life that comes from Jesus ~ a life of loving, giving and serving. This book is a study of that letter. In it you will learn about: a€c The new birth, the new mind, and the new life believers have in Jesus a€c The new kind of people we are called to be in Him a€c The incorruptible Word by which we have come to know Him a€c The indestructible inheritance He has for us a€c What it means to be holy a€c What true freedom is and how it transforms relationships a€c How to walk in fervent love and find exuberant joy beyond words a€c How to arm yourself with the mind of Jesus a€c How to manifest the glory and dominion of Jesus a€c How to stand firmly against our true adversary... and more These are a€œbite-sizea€ studies to help guide you through Petera€™s letter, a little at a time. At the end of each study are focus questions to help you think further about the truths Peter brings. They are open-ended questions to allow for maximum personal reflection and group discussion. a€œKeeping the Faith When Things Get Tough is an excellent Bible Study on the book of First Peter. Jeff Doles gives us a very practical and easily understood breakdown of this important book. Based on extensive research and his well-rounded biblical perspective, Jeff takes us on an inspiring journey from start to finish. Your faith will be strengthened, and your life will be greatly enriched as you embrace these keys to victorious living out of the pages of Goda€™s word. I highly recommend this book for everyone who loves Goda€™s Word and wants to strengthen his or her faith for miracles in times of need.a€ ~ Ben R. Peters, Kingdom Sending Center. Author and international speakerPetera#39;s Letter to Jesus Believers Scattered Everywhere Jeff Doles. seed but ... In other words, believing and doing the truth about Jesus teaches us how to live by teaching us how to love. ... Our love must be authentic but it must also be fervent.

Title:Keeping the Faith When Things Get Tough
Author:Jeff Doles
Publisher:Walking Barefoot Ministries - 2013-06-11


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