Karma's Helpers

Karma's Helpers

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Karma's Helpers is written for today's world. Have you noticed that sometimes you cross paths with someone you shouldn't mess with? That person could be you. This book skips the usual qforgive and forgetq mentality and teaches its readers how to follow a guide intended to expose issues like never before. Are you waiting for Karma to visit someone? It is simplistic but advanced in theory and written by a veteran of exposing the truth. Believe it or not, the second part of this book details the missing secrets of using a BLOG to amplify your investigation results to expose your concerns to the world. This book provides the most up-to-date resource for 2010, making a blog work to its fullest potential and it guarantees immediate search engine optimization (SEO) for free. Anyone can use these techniques including blogging for success and to get even, no previous experience necessary. So go ahead and forgive, but get back! We live in a complicated world where people do bad things to others for no explainable reason. My experience as a sheriff's deputy, white-collar crimes detective, private investigator, personal and corporate intelligence specialist have given me a unique view into the way people treat each other. My own life experiences have given me a unique view on society and some of my really negative experiences have lead me to think, qI wish I could speed up Karmaq on a particular person, company or organization. I have met many people in life who have also been wronged for reasons such as: cheating spouse, bad relationship, bad business partners, embezzlement, theft, bad business competitor, sexual deviant, personal enemy, protective parent, etc. While people don't readily admit it, most of us believe or hope for Karma to come around. That is where I come in. I have developed a peculiar playbook that can be used by anyone to evaluate a person in question, perform a detailed analysis of their problems and weaknesses, undertake a plan of action to expose their issues, make their problems evident to them (and everyone else), cause them problems and speed our little friend Karma along. I give a unique perspective because I have used the techniques that I detail in this book many, many times for various reasons. I have had unparalleled results and put some really bad people out of commission. Maybe you are reading this book out of curiosity or you may be one of Karma's Helpers. This book contains actual stories about getting even that are strange and unusual.Maybe you are reading this book out of curiosity or you may be one of Karmaa#39;s Helpers. This book contains actual stories about getting even that are strange and unusual.

Title:Karma's Helpers
Author:Robb Hamic
Publisher:Dog Ear Publishing - 2010-06


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