Kairological Economics

Kairological Economics

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Economic analysis underpins and informs economic decision-making, even if there is a lengthy lag between economic analysis and its gradual absorption into economic debate. Once established as common sense, a text of economic analysis becomes incredibly powerful, because it delineates not only what is the object of knowledge but also what it is sensible to talk about or suggest. If one thinks and acts outside the framework of the dominant text of economic analysis, he risks more than simply the judgment that his recommendations are wrong; his entire moral attitude may be ridiculed or seen as dangerous just because his theoretical assumptions are deemed unrealistic. Therefore, defining common sense and, in essence, what is 'reality' and 'realistic' is the ultimate act of political power. Economic analysis does not simply explain or predict, it tells us what possibilities exist for human action and intervention; it defines both our explanatory possibilities and our moral and practical horizons. Hence, ontology and epistemology matter, and the stakes are far more considerable than at first sight seem to be the case. This is the main idea developed in the following chapters, as Dr. Laos leads readers through a pioneering way of looking at political economy.An Anthropocentric and Creative Theory of Political Economy and Management Nicolas K. Laos. chaPTEr 18. ThE dEmocraTic microsTrUcTUrEs and macrosTrUcTUrEs of Kairological Economics Several mainstream economists often try to defend their ap- proach to economics ... Apart from the fact that this kind of response to criticism is based on propaganda and not on scientific discourse and it ignoresanbsp;...

Title:Kairological Economics
Author:Nicolas K. Laos
Publisher:Algora Publishing - 2012


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