Just Numbers on a Screen

Just Numbers on a Screen

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Mr. and Mrs. Marsden who created Pips Inc., the People in Profit System, were not the first to operate a Ponzi scheme by courtesy of the Internet - and they are most certainly not going to be the last. But for sheer boldfaced audacity they may well be remembered. Theirs was as elaborate a fraud as is seldom seen in the shady world of scamsters. Upfront and personal would be a way to describe their public posturing. Creating an elaborate web of seemingly legitimate companies, they lied so convincingly that thousands worldwide were convinced and poured their money into something that was promising to make them unbelievably wealthy. Rarely has the phrase qif it seems too good to be true, it probably isq had a greater resonance, for the Marsdens were offering a remarkable 2% per trading day interest on the money. And they were believed.So whether it is HDD, MB, RAM, Wiring, WHATEVER, if it is defective in the MILLION DOLLAR CABINET, it should be fixed within a day and a half. I cana#39;t see a€œwiringa€ inside a brand new cabinet letting out the magic smoke that makes ONLY theanbsp;...

Title:Just Numbers on a Screen
Author:Owen Platt
Publisher:La Fontaine Media - 2006-02-01


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