Journey With Me

Journey With Me

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Have you ever stopped and wondered why things happen in your life? When my father passed over, he sent me a sign that he was okay. Since his passing, I have gradually become aware of the qhelpq I receive. The son of a friend asked one day, qHow did you become aware of the synchronicities in your life?q He heard many of my stories and recognized the uniqueness of the tales. The question took me by surprise. How did I begin to recognize the timing that put me at the right place, at the right time, to either be helped or help someone else? I first became aware in Tracking Time, when my presence helped save my neighbors life. While writing To Pap, With Love, I recognized the guidance I received that prevented harm to my father. His Alzheimer's disease helped me to live in the present, not dwell on yesterday or concentrate on tomorrow. Along the way, I was qhelpedq by people and events. I was encouraged to stop worrying, to forgive myself for not being the person I expected myself to be, to trust I would have what I needed.After myphone discussion, I leftin my car, an old 1987, dented, rusting Dodge Shadow, which always started ... every time, even in the coldest weather and ran without problems. Until Monday! Kathy, my oldest daughter, was undergoing tests atanbsp;...

Title:Journey With Me
Author:Diane McDonald
Publisher:iUniverse - 2007-11-27


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