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Mystery writer Bethany Lange wasnA•t prepared for the twisting emotions that left her breathless the moment she laid eyes on folk singer sensation Ali Hart. Of course she was flat on her back and looking up and backward at the gorgeous singer, but that didnA•t stop her body and heart from bursting into a kaleidoscope of want, need, and lust. Scared at the intensity of her feelings, Bethany does everything she can to avoid Ali at Camp Jacomo, the camp designed specifically for children of lesbian and gay families where Bethany volunteers every summer. The camp director convinces the hottest singer at the moment, Ali Hart, to spend a week teaching the children music to everybodyA•s delight except BethanyA•s. On her last day at camp, Ali approaches Bethany with an offer of friendship, but they both know itA•s the prelude to something bolder. Should Bethany take the risk? Does she really believe she can balance her quiet private life with AliA•s outspoken one?How sweet. a€œAfter Crystal dumped me, I really didna#39;t have a reason to stay in Memphis, so I moved to Chicago. My editor, Tom, is there, and I was always ... a€œAt least tell me you listened to some incredible music in Memphis, a€ she says. ... I can a#39;t let her know that Ia#39;m giddy when her songs pop up on my iPod while Ia#39;m jogging.

Author:Kris Bryant
Publisher:Bold Strokes Books Inc - 2014-09-01


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