Joey No Toes

Joey No Toes

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Through the mill and blowing in the wind, Mickey tries to find his place in the new economy. A college education is no longer a guarantee. Luck is the only variable of success. Chance mentorship opportunities with two multimillionaires, turn into a nightmare. Testing the definition of crime Reflexivity (social theory) refers to the capacity of an individual agent to recognize the forces of socialization and alter his or her place in the social structure. In this novel, for the first time, reflexivity is applied to a crime scene where the criminal instigating the crime modifies his criminal behavior knowing beforehand how the courts will interpret his criminal actions. About the Novel Follow Mickey Mulden in Buffalo, New York when he discovers that productivity, as indoctrinated in college academia, takes on a non-linear bent in America's 'new economy.' In fact all societal truths become tested when Mickey is involuntarily plunged into a tangled vortex of crime to feel its slippery slopes. This novel explores the murky line between good and evil in the legal and illegal drug trade. Decisions must be made on hunches to avoid the thunderous implications of guilt by association. Justice is ultimately meted out with a poker hand. About the Author John Milner holds a B.Comm, a BA in mathematics, and has completed graduate studies at the Association of Investment Management and Research in Virginia. Presently, the author is gleefully employed as your smelly neighborhood garbageman.I found a makeshift smoking room in the back of a coffee shop located on our citya#39;s transverse Main Street. ... Roach had been in a car accident at the age of fourteen, the year before I was born. ... Most of the other characters that peppered the smoking room were Social Security recipients and sometimes an odd taxpayer, depending on the time of day. ... From backroom smoking room to backroom smoking room, I would circuit the inner city, encountering many a character and leavinganbsp;...

Title:Joey No Toes
Author:John Milner
Publisher:Dog Ear Publishing - 2012-01


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