Joey Green's Cleaning Magic

Joey Green's Cleaning Magic

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q From the guru of discovering extraordinary uses for brand-name products come brand-new ways to make cleaning, organizing, and decluttering quick, easy, and a lot more fun. The public is endlessly fascinated by quirky and offbeat uses for their favorite products and, this time around, Joey Green tackles household chores with his pantry full of cleaning power. Green's easy and effortless tips and tricks show how to scrub, deodorize, shine, and remove stains with products already in the house. While Green's suggestions may sound implausible, they are, in fact, highly effective. Most products on the market today are a complex mix of lubricants, abrasives, and cleansers, giving these brand-name products plenty of power to clean, dissolve, and fix in the most unexpected ways. Joey Green's Cleaning Magic offers clever ways to make household items do double duty, like using a slice of Wonder Bread to clean up tiny shards of glass from a kitchen floor--just pat it flat against the floor and toss it away--and wiping away the gunk from the bottom of an iron with Purell. This practical, useful, funny, and entertaining volume includes thousands of incredibly simple ways to clean up every room (and dusty corner) in the house. qTo clean caked-mud from the bottom ofboots, spray the mud-encrusted soles with Pam Cooking Spray, let the mud dry, and knock the boots together outside. The mud falls right off. ... To clean grease or tar from white canvas shoes or sneakers, saturate a cotton ball with Cutex Nail Polish Remover and rub the ... Spray dirty sneakers with Resolve Carpet Cleaner, scrub with a brush, rinse clean, and let dry.

Title:Joey Green's Cleaning Magic
Author:Joey Green
Publisher:Rodale - 2010-07-06


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