Jewish Masculinities

Jewish Masculinities

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Stereotyped as delicate and feeble intellectuals, Jewish men in German-speaking lands in fact developed a rich and complex spectrum of male norms, models, and behaviors. Jewish Masculinities explores conceptions and experiences of masculinity among Jews in Germany from the 16th through the late 20th century as well as emigrants to North America, Palestine, and Israel. The volume examines the different worlds of students, businessmen, mohels, ritual slaughterers, rabbis, performers, and others, shedding new light on the challenge for Jewish men of balancing German citizenship and cultural affiliation with Jewish communal solidarity, religious practice, and identity.PROJECT OVERVIEW Evidence for this chapter comes from a larger study of German Jews who fled Germany between 30 January ... Most of these documents are housed in the archives at the Leo Baeck Institute or in the archives of the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum. In addition I read essays by former German Jews submitted to two essay contests: a 1939 Harvard-sponsored contest, a€œMy Life inanbsp;...

Title:Jewish Masculinities
Author:Benjamin Maria Baader, Sharon Gillerman, Paul Frederick Lerner
Publisher:Indiana University Press - 2012


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