Jazz Works: Book & CD

Jazz Works: Book & CD

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Jazz Works is a beginning jazz piano method created for the classically trained pianist who plays and reads on the intermediate level. Concepts and skills are presented through example and explanation in each chapter. Practice exercises prepare the player to apply the new skills to the tunes included in each chapter. Pieces are presented in lead sheet format: melody lines with alphabet chord symbols. Accompaniment tracks for most exercises and all tunes are recorded on the 2 CDs included and are also available separately in General MIDI Disk format.... Db-Fb-Ab Gb-Bb-Db-Fb-Ab Gb-Bb-Db-Fb-Ab-Eb A-Ctt-E A-C-E A-C-Eb A-Ctt- Ett A-D-E A-Cjt-E-F# A-C-E-Ftt A-C-E-G A-C-Eb-G A-C-Eb-Gb ... A-Ctt-E-G-B# A-C#-E-G-Bb A-C#-E-Gtt-B A-C-E-G-B A-Ctt-E-G-B A-Ctt-E-G-B-Ftt Works Ann Colling 18785 Book and 2 CDs $24.95 18544 ... Am9 Ab9 Ab-C-Eb-Gb-Bb A9 Ab13 Ab-C-Eb-Gb-Bb-F A13 Bb Bb-D-F Bbm Bb-Db-F Bbdim Bb-Db-Fb Bb + Bb- D-Flt Bbsus.

Title:Jazz Works: Book & CD
Author:Ann Collins
Publisher:Alfred Music Publishing - 2000-09-01


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