Java Design

Java Design

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A systematic approach to striving for perfection in Java qTMq enterprise software! -- Principles and best-practice patterns for the key design and implementation problems facing enterprise developers. -- Effective integration of UML, object-oriented development, Java qTM, q and your software development processes. -- Identifies behavioral and structural modeling techniques that deliver exceptional value. Drawing upon the experiences of hundreds of developers he has trained or worked with, Kirk Knoernschild offers a systematic guide to solving today's complex problems of Java-based enterprise application design and implementation. Knoernschild focuses on both technology and process, offering a phased approach to integrating UML, object-oriented development, and Java qTMq throughout the entire development lifecycle. Knoernschild begins by reintroducing objects and object-oriented design, presenting key concepts such as polymorphism and inheritance in terms of several powerful principles and patterns that inform the entire book. Next, he introduces the UML: how it evolved, the problems it helps to solve, and how various UML constructs can be mapped to Java. Knoernschild shows how to structure UML diagrams to more easily identify the problem being solved, introduces best practices that any software development process should promote, and shows how the UML fits with these best practices. He reviews the external considerations that impact how companies really use the UML, Java qTM, q and object-based techniques, presenting a pragmatic, phased approach to integrating them with the least pain and the greatest effectiveness. The book concludes with in-depth coverage of behavioral andstructural modeling, again emphasizing the principles and patterns associated with long-term success. For every Java qTMq enterprise developer, architect, analyst, and project manager.Key topics include: Object-oriented principles and patternsUML and the role of modelingUML and the software process, including best practices and lifecycle developmentModeling strategies and requirementsBehavioral modelingArchitectural ...

Title:Java Design
Author:Kirk Knoernschild
Publisher:Addison-Wesley Professional - 2002


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