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The utilitarian capabilities of a Japanese mini truck are remarkable, making it one of most versatile vehicles on the planet. Small enough in stature as to fit in the bed of an F150, but amazingly resilient, conquering mountainous terrain as a top-notch four-wheel drive should. As no English writing was found to exist, I thought it about time to write one, especially as Americans have been catching the buzz on mini trucks as the rest of world has been utilizing their attributes for decades. This guide through over 160 full-color images will bring to light as to what youa€™ve been missing; a mini truck truly will be a different experience than you can compare with any other vehicle in the automotive realm. Covered here are the history, uses, configuration, comparisons, specifications, makes, parts, accessories, and conversions (electric and amphibious). A book/guide you may start out reading alone, but as Ia€™ve always discovered, the excitement this book lends through its photos and exposing mini trucksa€™ odd capabilities; you will wind up sharing it with family and friends. Sincerely, Mark Roehrig I was amazed to find that English books on Kei trucks dona€™t exist (kei is Japanese for lightweight truck, pronounced a€œKa€). That didna€™t seem right; after all, therea€™s been over four million built and delivered to every corner of the world. So I thought it was about time that these magnificent, mighty mini trucks were put into words and photos for the English speaking and reading public. My hope is this illustrated guide will become your illustrated review as you can shelf it, and come back as needed, and ita€™s the perfect show-and-tell for your family and friends who may have never heard of Kei trucks. What this book will do for you, after youa€™ve completed this guide, youa€™ll be able to quote which states allow Kei trucks on public access roads, load and tow capabilities, the differences between a Acty and a Carry, or a Jumbo from a standard Hijet. Youa€™ll discover the possibilities that await you, commercial and private. Youa€™ll learn what to look for in a Kei truck and what to ask a prospective dealer; also included is what the DMV will want from you if you decide to register a Kei truck in one of the states allowing Kei trucks on the roadway.There are a total ofta#39;i manufactured mini trucks to North America. , DAIHATa#39;SU: Daihatsu is the largest manufacture of ... Models: Mazda Ecrum Truck Hates to Remember: Mazda is built by Suzuki, having the same engine and transmission.

Author:Mark Roehrig
Publisher:Trafford Publishing - 2012-07-17


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