Jack's Black Book

Jack's Black Book

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From the Newbery Medal-winning author of Dead End in Norvelt, the uproarious final volume of Jack Henry stories According to his new motto--A WRITER'S JOB IS TO TURN HIS WORST EXPERIENCES INTO MONEY--Jack Gantos's alter ego Jack Henry is going to be filty rich even before he gets out of junior high, for his life is filled with the worst experiences imaginable. For instance, in the course of the few months covered in this closing cycle of interlinked stories, Jack is humiliated by a gorgeous syncronized swimmer, gets a tattoo the size of an ant on his big toe, flubs an IQ test and nearly fails wood shop, and has to dig up his dead dog not once but twice. And that's not the half of it! At the close of this final book of semi-autobiographical stories, Jack may not end up rolling in dough, but he will prove once again qa survivor, an 'everyboy' whose world may be wacko but whose heart and spirit are eminently saneq (School Library Journal).Jack Gantos. 3^CK V^^RV At)VAp^TURAp u ^po THE 3^CK y^K/RV H^vZhJT URApi Newbery Honor author of the. Front Cover.

Title:Jack's Black Book
Author:Jack Gantos
Publisher:Macmillan - 2010-06-08


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