I've Lost My What???

I've Lost My What???

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Baffled by your new inability to hear? Know someone who is? Then I've Lost My WHAT???: A Practical Guide to Life After Deafness is for you. It talks about assistive devices, the psychology of adult-onset deafness, communication, relationships, cochlear implants, hearing aids, the Americans with Disabilities Act, telephone use, and daily life for people who've gone deaf post-lingually. qThis book should be required reading for anyone who's lost their hearing or works with late-deafened individuals. I've Lost My WHAT??? could very well be the late-deafened adult's Bible.q-Michele Bornert, Late-deafened freelance writer qA top-notch reference for those who become deaf.q-Mary Clark, former executive director, Hearing Loss Link qShawn learned all this stuff the hard way. Now he's making sure you won't have to do it too.q-Cheryl Heppner, Exec. Dir. Northern Virginia Resource, Center for Deaf and Hard of Hearing PersonsA Practical Guide to Life After Deafness Shawn Lovley ... Lipreading: See speechreading Manual deaf Also called manualists, the manual deaf are individuals who use some form of sign language as their principal means of communication.

Title:I've Lost My What???
Author:Shawn Lovley
Publisher:iUniverse - 2004-02-01


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