I've Lost My Way

I've Lost My Way

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I've used my knowledge and experience both personally and from professionals to put together this self help book. It's a story about my life, my addictions, my struggles, and how I overcame it all, which saved my life. I have a very unique story about how I recovered that I want to share with people, and more specifically those who struggle with themselves. My story can be very helpful for many people in getting their lives back on track. Many of us are on a dark road for so long we lose our identities. We have nothing to look forward to and spiral into despair. That is a dangerous place to be and I have been there far too many times. I am a recovering alcoholic of many years and know how hard it is to find peace and happiness. I hope my story can inspire people to live the lives they deserve regardless of the mess they are in.Fro got so mad that she made it impossible to get a good grade in her class. ... One week it was permanent marker week. ... It sucked if you got marked on your face because you would look pretty dumb. ... and all of a sudden I feel this marker on the back of my neck and hea#39;s running the other direction laughing his ass off.

Title:I've Lost My Way
Author:Levi Lorang
Publisher:Lulu.com - 2010-03-25


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