It's Not Easy Being A Woman

It's Not Easy Being A Woman

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Her mission was to recover the Mysteries... the Secret Knowledge of All Time. In order to do this, Sara Springtree had to step out of this present realm of time itself... and into dimensions unexplored. Sidestepping time opened the door to the Theater of All Possibility... and a new history was told at the same hour that a new world was being born. An explosion of immense proportion was about to happen, and nothing could stop it. History will tell us that Truth stands as testimony unto itself... and we will all live to see the power behind that punch as these days unfold. For the story is out now... and everything is soon to change in this world we all live in... Pandora's Box is Open!I would have to rush up three flights of stairs in my townhouse to get my keys and turn off the alarm. Once, when I ... I called the Auto Club, and someone came to start it; I then left the engine running while I spoke to the owner of the Stuart Gallery in Encino. The owner ... would start. And it did after the meeting, which ended at 10 p.m. The next day I went to a service station and had a new bat-tery installed.

Title:It's Not Easy Being A Woman
Author:Esther Pearlman
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2007-12


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