It's Human Nature

It's Human Nature

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IT'S HUMAN NATURE SEVEN STORIES ILLUSTRATING NATURE'S CONTROL OF HUMAN ACTIONS AND REACTIONS qAFFIRMATIVE ACTIONq The re-segregation of the town's public high school, because of the flight of the white student population, forged a riff between a politically ambitious father, who was campaigning for a top municipal office, and his veteran son who wanted to get his high school diploma. qHOME FOR CHRISTMASq A family's Christmas was nearly ruined when the parents took their two children on a tropical vacation for the holidays. qUP AGAINST ITq When an Assistant Bank Manager lost his job, wife, home and money, he became a criminal in his quest to get back to his hometown to start over. qOH, DANNY BOYq A young man's driving ambition to become a successful rhythm'n'blues entertainer caused him to hurt the ones who cared most for his success and well-being. BOOKER T. WASHINGTON AND JULIUS ROSENWALD, AND THEIR qINVESTMENT IN PEOPLE .q qPEACE ON EARTHq (A Play) Astronauts are shuttled into space, to repair a spaceship, when one has a nightmarish dream about the outbreak of global conflict and destruction their mission could cause. qSENIOR PASSIONq A small clique of senior ladies in an Assisted Living Residence organize a club to bolster the sex drive of their significant other and themselves.Wea#39;re not call-girls, an escort service, street hookers, telephone-sex deliverers... or plain old loose women. Wea#39; Us. Decent, sedate ... Wea#39;re just talking now , planning, laying out the blueprint for the syndicate.a€ a€œRight. This is nature.

Title:It's Human Nature
Author:William Hairston
Publisher:iUniverse - 2004


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