IT Success!

IT Success!

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a€œFifty years after the birth of corporate computing, IT today is still characterized by 50-70% project failure rates. Which is pretty scary when you come to think of it: either a goblin has cast a spell on a whole profession a€“ or that profession is doing something fundamentally wronga€. IT Success! challenges the widespread assumption that an IT department is like a building contractor whose project managers, architects and engineers (all construction industry termsa€b) are supposed to deliver systems on schedule, within budget and to spec. Michael Gentle explains why this is not possible, and turns conventional wisdom on its head by showing that: you cannot define an IT project in terms of contractual budgets and schedules anything can change during the life of a project what is eventually delivered can never be what is actually needed He proposes a new model for IT in which the traditional client/vendor relationship, with its contractual commitments, is replaced by a shared risk/reward partnership geared towards workable results over time. Using real-world examples and a case study, the author walks you through the end-to-end processes of an IT department, covering subjects like demand management, investment planning, agile development and managing production applications.Towards a New Model for Information Technology Michael Gentle ... customer discount Process credit card payment Propose payment options Figure 5.4 shows a simplified data model foundation on ... would translate into a physical file or table in a system (using a spreadsheet like Microsoft Excel as an analogy, each boxanbsp;...

Title:IT Success!
Author:Michael Gentle
Publisher:John Wiley & Sons - 2007-10-22


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