It Could Only Happen to Me

It Could Only Happen to Me

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Author Sharon Ann Hickey doesna€™t just have a black cloud that follows hera€”she has the whole storm system. Throughout her life, shea€™s always had funny and unusual things happen to her. In It Could Only Happen to Me, she shares a forty-year collection of true, hilarious situations from her life. She has compiled humorous tales about vacations, children, husbands, dining out, and just normal everyday activities. The stories depict how an ordinary day for anyone else can turn into a funny chain of events for Hickey. A few of the stories include: a€c Being turned down at the animal shelter for adopting a pet a€c Having her shoes catch on fire at a concert a€c Being involved in a showdown with a city bus a€c Getting locked in a room with a goldfish a€c Being mistaken for a lump of cement It Could Only Happen to Me speaks to anyone who has ever had a bad day. It shows that things could always be worse.My second computerdid open the CD, but it had no antivirus program on it, soI was hesitantto send it over theInternet. To be safe, I decided to take that second computerto our local computer repair shop and have the antivirus installed.I arrivedanbsp;...

Title:It Could Only Happen to Me
Author:Sharon Ann Hickey
Publisher:iUniverse - 2015-02-11


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