It Came from 1957

It Came from 1957

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America in the 1950s was a cauldron of contradictions. Advances in technology chafed against a grimly conservative political landscape; the military-industrial complex ceaselessly promoted the qCommunist menaceq; young marrieds fled crumbling cities for artificial communities known as suburbs; and the corporate cipher known as qThe Organization Manq was created, along with stifling images of women. The decade, huddled under the fear of nuclear holocaust, was also dedicated to all things futuristic. Science fiction was in its salad days, in magazines and novels and in motion pictures, trying every trick in the book to lure customers back from television, including reliance on monster movies. All of these forces collided in 1957, when an astounding 57 movies of the science fiction, horror and fantasy variety were shown in the United States--a record unmatched to this day. Reflecting some of the socio-political topics of the day, several are exceptional examples of their genres. This book critically discusses each of the films.A Critical Guide to the Yeara#39;s Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror Films Rob Craig ... Cultural interest in all things scientific peaked after the end of World War II, reaching a crescendo in the early 1960s. Rapid advances in technology made foranbsp;...

Title:It Came from 1957
Author:Rob Craig
Publisher:McFarland - 2013-09-25


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