Isis Code

Isis Code

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A legend from ancient Egypt tells us of the god Osiris, who was murdered and dismembered by Seth, his own brother. Isis, his soul mate, embarked on a quest to find and rejoin all of his scattered pieces. In Isis Code, author Ariane Page shows how our quest for love is similar and how our inner Isis attempts to connect our physical, emotional, mental, rational, and universal aspects which --through our limited worldviews-- are kept disconnected. Isis Code reveals a unique system behind this ancient Egyptian tale, one that was used by most traditions and particularly in ancient China and India, becoming an integral part of these cultures' medical care. Through research, stories, illustrations, and diagrams, Isis Code shows how this system can also be found in the brain structure and deciphered to help understand humans, their illnesses and needs. Building on these ideas, we follow the stages of brain maturation from conception to death to better understand what, why, how, and who we are. Page explains that humans have been using mostly a masculine point of view --associated with what psychoanalyst Carl Gustav Jung named the animus-- to comprehend the world, instead of the two this system, as well as our brain, show are available. This factor has impacted everything in our life: our perceptions, feelings, health, relationships, everything we created, the quality of our environment, and even our governmental structures. As a result, the path towards love, evolution, perfection, health and happiness is blocked. By combining system science and the study of the brain, Isis Code provides insight into the direction evolution is taking to bring humanity to perfection and happiness. It presents a tool that can allow us better control over our destiny and can bring a much needed peace to our other countries, but they learn faster and better.123 I wish all kids could have this chance. ... feed his kidney aspects, and enhance or slow down the distribution of energies throughout his body in all its dimensions (diagram 14). ... It helps him steer clear of the division of inner and outer. ... similar rat study revealed that one day without mother actually doubled the number of normal brain cell deaths.

Title:Isis Code
Author:Ariane Page
Publisher:iUniverse - 2013-01


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