Is it Safe?

Is it Safe?

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Captain Power-Waters covers every aspect of commercial aviation and brings the reader to the conclusion that it is a much more perilous means of transportation than generally suspected. Most of the material in this book has never been touched upon in any previous book on air safety. The following are a few of the subjects that are documented in this book: 1. There are no U.S. airports that have adequate firefighting procedures. 2. Mechanically impaired airliners are allowed to fly when, in reality, they should be grounded. 3. The flushing of an airline toilet has imperiled the lives of passengers aboard the plane and people on the ground. 4. The air traffic control system is near collapse caused by the qbumblingq FAA. 5. Airline pilots are not thoroughly trained to recover from all modes of flight. 6. The Boeing 737 is the most popular airliner ever built, but it is potentially the most dangerous. qCaptain Power-Waters brings an understanding and appreciation of Air Traffic control from two perspectives: as a pilot operating within the system; and as someone who possesses a vast knowledge of the ATC's work.q -William A. Faville, Jr., National Air TrafficControllers Association, Presidsent MKC. qIf you are interested in the training of an airline captain, if you think your airline is safe, or if you think the FAA is totally interested in your safety, this is the book for you.q -Carl T.Butterworth, Senior Captain, American Airlines, Ret.Brig.Gen., ANG. qYou obviously have done an extensive job researching this topic, and more importantly, it is clear you have lived the issues. I congratulate you on your effort.q -Robert Roach, Jr., General Vice President, International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers.the. Only. Problem. The Cabin Roof Blew Oflr April 18, 1988, an Aloha Airlines B- 737 was in cruise flight at 24, 000 feet. ... This accident was caused by Boeing, which repaired a broken aircraft and did not do the job properly. Blue Water Theanbsp;...

Title:Is it Safe?
Author:Brian Power-Waters XIII
Publisher:iUniverse - 2008-02


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