Is Automotive Industry Dead--or Just Stuck?

Is Automotive Industry Dead--or Just Stuck?

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Automotive industry is dying: car sales shrink around the globe, former Acbig threeAc cannot stop the Aclayoff frenzy, Ac and even Toyota says, it will suffer its first operating loss in 70 years. Is it due to the financial crisis Ac or there are more fundamental reasons for crisis of car transportation? How automotive industry can overcome this crisis? What innovations should consumers expect in the nearest future? How to recognize the emerging New Leaders? This book answers these AcburningAc questions.The off-road or uphill towing becomes easier and safer, even if the trailer is much heavier than the towing vehicle. ... Trailer that can provide energy for such travel and, at the same time, recharge car battery resolves this problem and providesanbsp;...

Title:Is Automotive Industry Dead--or Just Stuck?
Author:Len Kaplan, Alex Smolkin - 2009


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