Iron Coffin

Iron Coffin

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The USS Monitor famously battled the CSS Virginia (the armored and refitted USS Merrimack) at Hampton Roads in March 1862. This updated edition of David A. Mindell's classic account of the ironclad warships and the human dimension of modern warfare commemorates the 150th anniversary of this historic encounter. Mindell explores how marinersa€”fighting qblindly, q below the waterlinea€”lived in and coped with the metal monster they called the qiron coffin.q He investigates how the ironclad technology, new to war in the nineteenth century, changed not only the tools but also the experience of combat and anticipated today's world of mechanized, pushbutton warfare. The writings of William Frederick Keeler, the ship's paymaster, inform much of this book, as do the experiences of everyman sailor George Geer, who held Keeler in some contempt. Mindell uses their compelling stories, and those of other shipmates, to recreate the thrills and dangers of living and fighting aboard this superweapon. Recently, pieces of the Monitor wreck have been raised from their watery grave, and with them, information about the ship continues to be discovered. A new epilogue describes the recovery of the Monitor turret and its display at the USS Monitor Museum in Newport News, Virginia. This sensitive and enthralling history of the USS Monitor ensures that this fateful ship, and the men who served on it, will be remembered for generations to come.War, Technology, and Experience aboard the USS alt;iagt;Monitoralt;/iagt; David A. Mindell ... Granted, a number ofimportant problems were fixed on the new monitors: they had better blowers, hulls with conventional lines, and pilothouses atop their turrets. ... fatigue they were necessarily subject to much longer, and were fast breaking down from want of sleep and impure air. ... the vessel, how the crew desperately bailed it out, and how the engineers calmly struggled to keep the pumps going.

Title:Iron Coffin
Author:David A. Mindell
Publisher:JHU Press - 2012-02-09


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