Irish identity and literary periodicals, 1832-1842

Irish identity and literary periodicals, 1832-1842

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qNever was there a more tragical history than that of Irish periodical literature: like that of our ancient monarchs, it comprises little more than a narrative of untimely deaths.q So said a member of the Belfast Historical Society in an 1840 paper entitled qAn Essay towards Investigating the Causes that have Retarded the Progress of Literature in Ireland.q The three periodicals reprinted here live up to this reputation -- none lasted for more than a few years -- but the period they cover is one of the most lively and significant in Irish culture, when an intellectual revival in poetry, short stories and novels, music, Gaelic studies and topography was taking place. Together these 6 volumes capture a picture of the Ireland of tradition that -- with the famine and the tightening of British control -- was to pass into remote memory by the 1850s. qThe Dublin Penny Journal, q aided by improvements in printing and distribution, was among the first works to bring the new developments in Irish culture to a wider public audience. It survived for four years, during which time its circulation reached a remarkable 50, 000 copies. It was followed in 1840 by another qcheap literary publication for the great body of the peopleq AdGeorge Petrie's qNote to our Readersq Iˆ, the qIrish Penny Journal, q and in 1841 by the qIrish Penny Magazine.q These journals catered for the revival of interest in the Gaelic-speaking past and its literature, and in doing so they addressed the want of a contemporary, specifically Irish culture and identity. Much of the writing was of the highest order (for example, some of Mangan's best-known poems and translations are here), and several of the contributors wereprofessional artists and illustrators. The large wood engravings found in all three journals are meticulously executed. The first-hand insights of the writers and artists enlisted by Petrie and his fellow-editors created a focus for a national intellectual awakening, and a sense of Irish identity freed from the religious and political animosities of the recent past. In this sense these journals capture for us a critical juncture in Irish literature and history.He was barely ablo to turn his head towards Alice in recognition of their presence . A faint pleasure was expressed in his glassy eyes as ho did so. aquot; Wona#39;t you speak to me, Gerald ? Wona#39;t you speak to your own Alley?aquot; The boy shook with a ... We shall now pro- coed to show the origin, the course, tho composition, and the uses of the descending or elaborated sap. The elaborated ... As long as plants are exposed to tho light of the sun, their green parts liberate none or this gas. We haveanbsp;...

Title:Irish identity and literary periodicals, 1832-1842
Author:Nicholas Lee
Publisher:Ganesha Pub Ltd - 2000-07


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