Iridology Study Manual: Level One

Iridology Study Manual: Level One

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Iridology Study Manual: Level One is a basic introduction into the world of Iridology. This book will cover the history of iridology, the uses for reading the eyes, what certain markings and pigmentations found in the iris mean, and what iridology can not do. In this book you will discover how your eyes will alert you to areas that need attention. You will see how too much sugar can form rings around your iris. To help aid you in your learning and understanding, this book contains exercises for you to do so that you can gain valuable insight into Iridology. Think of this book as the beginning steps to understanding the basics of this wonderful and ancient form of assessing the body. See for yourself how you can view the signs of the iris that indicate if you have an inflammation in your body-and even where that inflammation exists. Because of the high cost of printing for color pages, this book is in black and white. But color photos are available for the asking.Chapter Nine Radii Solaris The radii solaris are lines that shoot out from the digestive zone into the other zones of the iris like spoke of a wheel. These lines can be referred to as liver lines, toxic lines and even parasite lines. They representanbsp;...

Title:Iridology Study Manual: Level One
Author:Francine Milford - 2014-01


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