iPod Fully Loaded

iPod Fully Loaded

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Let Mac guru Andy Ihnatko show you how to put everything but the kitchen sink on your iPoda€”from old LPs, radio programs, television shows, and movies to spreadsheets, presentations, and PC rescue files. You'll quickly discover that music is only a small part of the picture as you learn how to record TV shows for an iPod, record radio broadcasts and automatically convert them into podcasts, convert Web pages into formats that can be read or listened to on an iPod, and even translate Microsoft Word, Excel, or PowerPoint documents for the iPod screen. Whether you're a PC or a Mac user, or have a past, present, or even future iPod, Inhantko advice works perfectly.A track that was ripped with iTunesa#39; default 128 Kbps bit rate wona#39;t sound as good as the same track ripped at 256 ... I have more than 500 gigabytes of storage on my Mac, and my iPod can hold more music than I can possibly listen to in a ... Just remember to restore iTunes to its previous bit rate settings when youa#39;re done .

Title:iPod Fully Loaded
Author:Andy Ihnatko
Publisher:Wiley - 2006-10-23


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