iPhone and Phonegap programming

iPhone and Phonegap programming

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The book is intended as a guide for those developers who would like to start creating their own mobile applications for one of the most popular mobile platforms today - iOS and its iPhone and iPad devices. The book is designed so that a user who has a basic knowledge of JavaScript and HTML5, could be able to create a step -by-step complete functional mobile application, and upload it to the App Store, either to sell or offer it for free. All of this without the knowledge of the native programming for the iOS platform . The book is also suitable for advanced developers who already have with JavaScript and HTML5 experience and would like to learn how to use their prior knowledge for the development of mobile applications for the iPhone and other platforms and also learn a lot of useful information about the user interface, optimizing applications to run on real device, or extension plugins, thus saving a considerable amount of time, because everything you need is contained in this publication. This book takes you step by step through thirteen chapters: basic description of each development tool, design of the application UseCase diagrams or the instructions for deploying applications to the Apple App Store. At the end of the book you will be able to create high-quality mobile applications for multiple platforms simultaneously, all by using only JavaScript and PhoneGap framework. About the book: This book guides the readers step by step through the development of cross-platform mobile applications for the iPhone, the most successful mobile platform these days. The author describes the step by step procedure to complete mobile application development, from installing a development environment, PhoneGap and jQuery Mobile frameworks, introducing their features and functions, and clearly get you through step-by-step creation of a typical iPhone application also with testing it in the emulator and subsequently uploading it to the Apple AppStore. The reader will thus learn everything he needs to develop his own mobile apps for iPhone capable of using modern technologies like GPS, compass, camera, file system, remote work with data and many more by using HTML5 and Javascript functionalities. The book contains the following topics: Design and development of real mobile applications for the iOS platform step by step Using the jQuery Mobile and PhoneGap frameworks Debugging and testing mobile applications in emulator and real device Working with GPS and maps Processing server data Distributing the application in Apple Appstore and its monetization Description of the Xcode environment The book will answer the following questions: Why use HTML5 and PhoneGap technologies to develop cross-platform applications? What options do the PhoneGap and jQuery Mobile frameworks bring? What is a cross-platform application? How to design and program a mobile application for the iPhone? How to get the resulting application to Appstore?HTML5 breaks through the mobile platforms such as iPhone, Android, BlackBerry or Bada. ... This book is interpreted as a manual for developers, who would like to start develop- ing their own mobile ... After reading this book, user should be able create afunctional mobile application and upload it to AppStore for sale or freeanbsp;...

Title:iPhone and Phonegap programming
Author:Jiří Vávrů
Publisher:Grada Publishing a.s. - 2014-01-01


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